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    We are undertaking a first-of-its kind, national survey of UK mid size business leaders’ priorities, preferences and support needs.


    Results will be used to develop much needed resources for them to grow - fuelling our economy and community prosperity.


    The study is undertaken by Salford University Business School and MSBLeaders.com so is independent.

    Takes 5-10 minutes

    It's easy and important to the economy and the UK.

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  • Q&A

    Who is carrying out the survey and holding the information?

    Salford Business School, The University of Salford, in conjunction with MSBLeaders.com.


    Is the survey anonymous?

    Yes, the survey is completely anonymous.

    If you would like to receive the anonymised survey report, and to discuss taking part in the further research you can provide us with your email address, but this is optional.


    How do we capture your responses?

    We are using ‘typeform’ to conduct the survey; they ensure the security and privacy of your data. You can find more information in typeform terms of service and privacy policy.


    How will we use the information you provide?

    The information provided by you in this survey will be used for research purposes by Salford Business School and MSB Leaders Ltd.


    How do we handle the information you provide?

    During data analysis, your responses are removed from Typeform by Salford Business School. Your response data is securely held offline on The University of Salford premises. The responses are anonymised and held separately from any identifying data (if provided).

    If you have chosen to provide us with your email address it will be held in Campaign Monitor by MSB Leaders Ltd. See Campaign Monitor Privacy Policy for more information.


    If you have provided your email address, why will you be contacted?

    The University of Salford and MSB Leaders Ltd will ONLY contact you to provide the survey report and to discuss taking part in further research on this subject.


    How long will we hold your email address?

    The University of Salford and MSB Leaders Ltd will hold your email address only for as long as we are conducting research.


    How can you unsubscribe?

    You can notify MSB Leaders Ltd at any time to remove your email address or request the information held for you by emailing info@msbleaders.com.


    Will we share your data with third parties?

    We will not share your personal or attributable data with third parties. We will only publish anonymised findings in the form of a report.


    What can I do if I have further questions?

    You can contact MSB Leaders Ltd for any questions relating to the security of your data, or any other questions relating to this research, on info@msbleaders.com

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    This is a microsite dedicated to the Mid Size Business Leadership Study, which is part of a larger study and movement to redress a gap in research, resources and advocacy for mid size business.